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  • February 01, 2015

Arian Eghbali’s Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life Helping Readers Repair Their Credit

The publication and release of Mr. Arian Eghbali’s Credit Repair Book Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life comes at an opportune moment. A time when majority are grappling with issues of debts and credit. It is a book that will go a long way in helping level the playground between the low end income earners and the middle income, those who have means and ways to acquire professional advice on their financial situation and those who have no such a privilege at their disposal. Information is power; Arian Eghbali believes that through accessing the content of this book people will build better credit ultimately improving their lives.

Arian Eghbali drew the inspiration to write the book from observing how unequal the society was as far as accessing financial information is concerned. He realized that the wealthy and upper-middle class citizens are advantaged since they have at their disposal resources to hire large accounting, law, and financial consultancy firms to handle their affairs, while the low income earners relied in their intuition and limited knowledge in financial management to manage their credit. Arian decided to dedicate more of his time to helping regular customers boost their credit health. “That’s why I started a credit repair division of my company,” said Arian, who has been successfully helping clients for years, by providing them with affordable plans and approaches to improve their credit, through his company.

Reading Mr. Eghbali’s user-friendly and comprehensive Credit Repair Book is a big step towards repairing credit health and living a life free of debts .The book is a comprehensive self guide which covers all the aspects of building a better credit. Arian Eghbali’s Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life goes right to the core of the credit issues affecting those who are just not in the know, divulging credit repair secrets from the point of view of a partisan Chief Executive Officer who is actively involved in the credit industry, through his financial services company, Enrich Financial.

Reading the book in its entirety will at the very least equip the reader with a series of clear steps they can take to clear their bad credit standing and return to a path of financial freedom. The greatest credit myths are tackled while proven, legal strategies on how to repair one’s credit are detailed.

Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life is a detailed and thoroughly revealing Credit Repair Book written by Arian Eghbali, the Chief Executive Officer of Enrich Financial. The practical and comprehensive publication is essentially an extension of the Credit Repair Division of Enrich Financial, which was started with the sole purpose of assisting regular customers improve their credit health and gain access to some of the financial privileges previously only reserved for the upper middle class and wealthy citizens, who have always had the resources to make credit work in their favor.

Mr. Eghbali’s easy-to-read guide offers the basic principles of credit repair and credit improvement, with many do-it-yourself tasks that will go a long way in achieving that ultimate goal.

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